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Complete Skateboards Buyers Guide

So you're looking to buy a complete skateboard and have no idea where to start? No worries! we have done all the digging and found all the information you will need when looking to purchase you're new complete skateboard. 

Skateboard Length:

Skateboard Length Guide

Complete skateboards tend to only come in two lengths. Full Size or Mini.

  • Full size skateboards are 31" in length. Anyone over the age of 10 should be using a full size skateboard.
  • Mini Skateboards are usually sizes under 31" with the main size being 29.5". These are advised for younger children as it will make it easier to learn new tricks and progress quicker.

Skateboard Widths:

Complete Skateboard widths vary quite a bit but they can be broken down into 4 main groups.

  • Under 7" - These are ideally for the youngest of riders, up to about the age of 8. 
  • 7"-7.5" - These are aimed to the young/early teen age range up to the age of around 12.
  • 7.5"-8" - This width is ideal for teens right up to adults looking to ride more street . Also ideal for anyone with smaller feet. (We will get more into that in a bit!)
  • 8" and above - Ideal for transition skaters or anyone with larger feet that need a wider deck.

The guide above is just a rough guide. This is because shoe size does play a big part in choosing the correct width skateboard. If you need to whittle it down further it is usually best to actually get your feet on the skateboard and see for yourself. If that is not possible, measuring your shoes length can also help.

You usually want a little overhang on your toe but nothing too drastic. The image below is a good indication of how a skateboard should fit your feet.

Skateboard Width Guide


So What Complete Skateboard Should I Buy?

If you have come this far and are still not sure what to buy we will always advise to buy within your price range. We sell plenty of completes ranging from £29.95 to over £100. 

  • If you are a complete beginner and just dipping your toe into skateboarding then stay at the lower end of the price range. There is no need to buy the best/most expensive item if you are just trying it out, well unless you want to of course. Something like the Tony Hawk 180 Range is a great place to start. 
  • If you are looking to get better with your tricks or have the money to spare go for something a little more expensive. All our more expensive completes can be seen Right Here.

The more expensive the skateboard, the better the parts on said skateboard will be.

And remember, if you fancy upgrading your parts at any point, most skateboard components are interchangeable so you can always upgrade as you go along!  

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