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Hockey stick tape is an essential piece of kit. Whether you have a major game coming up or you play for fun, keeping your stick in the best condition is crucial, and the right type of tape can help to preserve it. To protect your hockey stick, tape it up with the some of the most durable products on the market, available from Proline Skates.

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Hockey Grip Tape from Proline Skates

We stock leading brands to ensure we provide the highest quality products. You’ll find patterned Renfrew hockey tape, coloured tape by Powerflex and heavy-duty tape from Warrior are available from our online store. Each product in the selection offers something slightly different, depending upon your requirements. The hockey grip tape by Powerflex sticks without adhesive, while the Renfrew version creates a moisture barrier, making it ideal for use as both traditional and ice hockey tape. Browse the full collection to find the right tape type for you.