We have a huge range of boards here at to satisfy every level and discipline. With Complete skateboards, Longboards and Penny Skateboards from all the well known brands such as: Enuff Skateboards, Birdhouse, Mindless Longboards, Z-flex, Penny Skateboards and much more!


All sorts of skateboards are for sale at great prices here at Proline Skates. From longboards to the smallest 22" Penny skateboards, options to please every kind of skater are available. Whether you're after a brand new board for yourself, as a gift, or are looking for a replacement for your damaged or broken old one, the perfect board can easily be found for every situation. Take a look through the wide range of skateboards for sale in our online store.

Quality Boards

Pick up complete boards for the skating beginner or create your own unique one with the variety of decks, griptape, wheels and other items that can be bought individually in our skateboard shop. Enuff skateboards and others from some of the top brands including Birdhouse, Z-Flex and more can all be found. All of the skateboards for sale come in their own different designs to suit many tastes. For youngsters, the variety of Penny skateboards are a great choice due to their smaller stature and also come in numerous different colours with regular, 22 and 27" sizes available. Those less interested in learning tricks will find the longboards more appropriate for picking up speed on the streets and down at the park.

Accessories and Delivery Options

Further accessories including trucks, wheels and bearings for customising your board, and skateboard clothing to look the part, are all for sale in our online skateboard shop. Ramps and rails for practising in your backyard, suitable for all ages, are on offer too. Benefit from free delivery for orders over £40 and receive them the next day when placed by 2pm. Browse our excellent collection of skateboards and order yours today.