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Knee Pads

Avoid suffering from all the common cuts and bruises many skateboarders, roller bladers and bikers encounter by investing in some top quality knee pads here at Proline Skates. You’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them with this knee protection offering plenty of flexibility. The range of stylish designs we stock will keep you safe when whizzing down the street or through the air at the local skate park. Browse the collection today.

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Durable Protection

From kids knee pads to help encourage youngsters when they fall down practising their first tricks on a skateboard, to XL adult sized knee protection pads for the regular BMX rider, there’s something for everyone. Traditional protective knee pads with the soft strap and hard plastic shell are available and best suited for action sports such as roller derby and scooting. While fully flexible, lightweight knee gaskets feature a tough material outer cover. The majority of scooter and skateboard knee pads are black or dark in colour and easily disguised, although more brightly designed Smith Scabs pads can be found. Each pair comes from one of the best biking and skating brands, such as 187, Rekd, Triple Eight and more.

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If you need a fresh pair of knee pads urgently then make the most of next day delivery by ordering before 2pm. Free UK delivery is also possible for all orders placed above £40. Don’t delay, search our selection online and order some new or replacement knee protection from Proline Skates today.