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Composite Hockey Sticks

Traditionally, hockey sticks were crafted from wood, but recent years have seen composite hockey sticks breaking into the market. Using materials like aluminium, kevlar, fibre glass and carbon fibre, this new technology offered faster and lighter sticks to help hockey players stay at the top of their game.

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The Best Composite Hockey Sticks for Sale

Composite hockey sticks were designed specifically to enhance performance either on the field or on the ice. Improved precision, durability and speed meant quicker release of the puck and more accurate shots.
They are perfect for both field hockey and ice hockey, with composite hockey sticks now available from industry leaders like Warrior, Bauer and Easton.
They're all available here at Proline Skates, with a range of both senior and junior composite hockey sticks to suit any age or skill level. Find your ideal composite ice hockey or field hockey stick and hit your target every single time.