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Wooden Hockey Sticks

If you're looking for a versatile stick that can be used for both ice hockey and street hockey, our collection of wooden hockey sticks here at Proline Skates are the perfect companion for any beginner.
Strong and resistant to abrasions, our wood sticks allow for easy movement and they are designed with durability in mind, so you can get power behind any shot.

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Wooden Ice Hockey Sticks for Sale

Once you've found the wooden hockey stick that ticks all the boxes, you can use it for both field hockey and on the ice rink, eliminating the need to buy multiple sticks for different terrains.
Check out our Fischer, Warrior, CCM and Bauer wood hockey sticks, all leading brands renowned for their quality and design. You can even find junior wooden field hockey sticks for the new generation of players. Whatever your age or skill level, you can find the perfect wooden ice hockey stick at an affordable price.