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Hockey Gloves

Finding the perfect pair of hockey gloves is important. They protect your hands and wrists from contact with sticks or pucks, as well as preventing painful ice burns. The right ice hockey gloves can even help you improve your performance.
When shopping, consider whether they’re a good fit, how much mobility you’ll have, the quality and the durability of the gloves. Choose carefully because your kit can keep you comfortable and focused on the game.

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Finding the Right Hockey Gloves

Whether it’s ice hockey, field hockey or roller hockey gloves you need, they're all under one roof here at Proline Skates. We have the best hockey gloves for sale from leading brands like Bauer and Warrior, so you can find the perfect pair to help you perform at your best. 
Our collection is perfect for pros or beginners alike, with kids and junior hockey gloves available on our online shop, as well as boys’ or girls’ hockey gloves for any age.