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Roller Skate Wheels

Your wheels are one of the most important parts of your skate. Fact. Finding the right roller skate wheels for you will depend on where you’re skating and the look you’re going for. Here at Proline Skates, we have a broad selection of roller and quad skate wheels to suit different surfaces and visual styles, including light up and LED roller skate wheels.

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The hardness of your wheels has a big effect on their feel and performance, and this factor is measured by durometer. If you’re looking for a softer ride with lots of grip, we have softer roller skate wheels with a durometer of around 78-90, making them ideal for skating on bumpy outdoor surfaces or slippery indoor ones. This type of wheel is also great for beginners thanks to a more stable and secure feel.

If you typically skate on indoor coated surfaces at speed and prefer a bit more slide, try our wheels with a durometer of 90+. With a little less grip, you’ll be able to skate faster and turn more freely.

Your wheels say a lot about your personality, and we offer eye-catching styles to help you stand out wherever you’re skating. From Rio Roller light up wheels to a patterned set of Kryptonics roller skate wheels, we can help you put your own stamp on your skate. You could even try multiple packs to mix and match – and if you live in the UK you’ll get free delivery on orders over £40.

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