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Roller Skate Accessories

You can find high-quality accessories for roller skates from a number of leading brands, such as SFR, Rookie and Bionic, here at Proline Skates. We are a family-run business with over 30 years of experience of selling sportswear and accessories, so you can trust us as your supplier of reliable skating products at great prices.

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Accessories for Skaters

Head to our online store to explore a range of clothes and bags, designed specifically for skaters. Take a look at our versatile, multi-purpose bags by Rio that have a removable section so you can use it to carry your skates, or as a stylish hold-all. If you want to capture all your impressive tricks to show your friends, we sell affordable action cameras by Freeflo that will film your moves in high definition with a wide fisheye lens. Stuck for gift ideas for the skater in your life? Why not look at a Proline Skates gift pack, which contains a t-shirt, a bag, a wristband and sticker sheet.



Improve Your Skating Performance

Our collection of roller skate accessories doesn’t end there. Improve the performance of your skates with our range of bearing cleaners and oils, or take a look at our tool kits that contain everything you need to fine-tune the parts on your skates. Once your skates have been perfected, our carry hooks can make it easier for you to transport your skates from place to place