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Ice Skate Guards

Protect your ice skate blades from nicks and flat spots with our collection of blade guards here at Proline Skates. Don’t risk losing the edge on your blades when you’re transporting your skates from one place to the next, or if you’re walking around the rink - keep your figure skates or ice hockey skates in the best condition with our blade covers.

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Ice Skate Guards for Sale

There are two major types of blade covers that you can buy: hard plastic and cloth. The plastic guards are perfect if you’re prone to walking around in your skates as the edge of your blades are vulnerable to wearing down if they’re left unprotected. These are the popular type of guards for figure skaters, who regularly walk to and from their changing rooms in their skates. Cloth skate guards are mainly used for when you’re putting your skates away and they’re popular with ice hockey players. Cloth guards absorb any excess moisture and protect against rust- just remember to wipe most of the snow and moisture away before putting your guards on.



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Protect your blades from rust and damage with our range of blade guards and covers at Proline Skates. When you shop with us, you can be sure to receive high-quality ice skate guards from leading brands like CCM, Guardog and Edea. Plus, you can enjoy free UK delivery on any order over £40 excluding VAT.